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Just a few years ago, my life was very
different than it is today. 


I was unfulfilled. And because of it, I was constantly looking for new challenges. I needed some excitement in my life. 

As you can imagine, a big part of that had to do with the fact that I hated my job...

Shortly after I graduated with my MBA I found myself working in retail. 

Yes, retail. 

There were days that I spent my entire 8+ hour shift putting security sensors on running shoes or putting clothes on hangers. 

I didn't last 6 months.

I was so unhappy that I started to develop anxiety. Once Sunday night, I got such a severe panic attack that I went into the emergency room the next day to make sure I wasn't having a heart attack. That's how bad the pain was. 

So I quit.

I quit with no side business. I quit with no other income stream. And I quit without even having a business idea yet. 

But, what I did have was a dream. 

I dreamt of...

- running my own online business: being location independent, working from anywhere in the world and travelling the world for months at a time. 

- doing work that I loved: feeling like I was making an impact on other people's lives rather just being another cog in the wheel. 

- having the freedom to choose: not having to wake up to an alarm clock every morning, not having to answer to a boss, and not having to spend my winters in the Canadian cold if I didn't want to. 

- making passive income: I wanted to wake up to emails saying I made sales while I slept or even getting an email saying I made a sale while I was out for drinks with my friends.  

By looking at where I am today you might think that I woke up the next morning, had everything figured out and it was smooth sailing from there. Unfortunately, that's not how the story goes. 

I was actually really afraid.  

Dreaming only gets you so far and after spending the first 4 months trying everything I could and not make a single dollar, motivation started to fade.

And, so did my dreams.  

I started to get really nervous that I would have to go back to my full-time job.

I started having defeating thoughts…like maybe starting an online business wasn't for me, or I wasn't smart enough, or maybe my dreams weren't realistic and I was being naive. (Plus a thousand other stupid excuses that simply weren't true.)

Then, I changed the way I looked at doing
business online. 


Instead of trying to come up with a online business idea and starting an online business, I decided to simply come up with an idea for an online course

Then, after I created my online course, I created an entire business around my course. And, what happened over the next few months changed my business (and life!) forever. 

I started making sales.

First, I would make 1 sale at a time.

Then, two or three over the course of a month. 

Then, five. 

Then, eight. 

I started to see the magic behind creating and selling an online course and my dreams started having colour again.

Just a few months later I was packing my bags to travel for my first 3 month trip - a trip across the world that took me to places like Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia. 

I started meeting new people, discovering the world's most beautiful beaches (the same beaches I used to day dream about while working my 9-5!) and discovering new and unconventional ways of living.

My online course was selling more and more and not only was I making enough money to sustain my world travels, but I was also saving money throughout the process. 

My online course allowed me to:

- live my dream of travelling the world without a return ticket…instead of spending my days commuting in traffic.

- do work that I love since it was based on a topic I chose, a topic I was passionate about…instead of losing myself in a soul-sucking job. 

- choose what time I woke up…instead of waking up to a buzzing alarm while it's still dark outside and having to worry about being late.

As you can see, creating my first online course (and the 2 others since then) completely changed my life.

I want all this to happen to you, too. 

Today I shared this story with you because I wanted to show you that I'm not any different than you are. I simply got started with my first online course and scaled my business from there. 






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Remember, if I could do it, so could you. 




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