The top 5 most popular episodes of The Unleash Yourself Podcast.



People always ask me: "What's the BEST podcast episode you've published that I should listen to?"

As I'm writing this, the Unleash Yourself podcast has surpassed 55 episodes so I decided it's a good time to make a list of the top 5 most popular episodes so it's easier for you to know where to start. 

Since I've interviewed a variety of people on a variety of topics, I suggest you take a look at the entire list of episodes here and see if there are any particular topics that stand out to you based on your current goals. If you're looking for something a little more general, here are the most popular episodes based on downloads, comments, and general feedback I've received via email and social media. 

**Keep in mind that some of the newer episodes haven't made the list (other than episode #52 which received an insanely positive response), simply because they haven't been public for that long. Obviously, episode #1 will have more downloads than episode 55 simply due to the amount of time it's been available to be downloaded. However, I strongly recommend you take a look at episodes 48-55 even though they haven't made this list because some of my best guests are found in those episodes, from a former UFC fighter to a #1 New York Times Best Selling Author to a Guinness World Record Holder for the most Ironmans done consecutively. 



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1. Episode #37: From wolf of wall street to the power of now (Featuring Jiro Taylor). 

Imagine yourself sitting on the couch. You're holding a check for $200,000 for closing the biggest deal in your company's history.  How do you think you'd feel? 

This is the dream for many of us; working in the finance industry, becoming a top performer, closing huge deals, and making insane money.  Living life as the real Wolf Of Wall-Street. 

As insane as it sounds, this was the reality for Jiro Taylor. 

He was the one sitting on the couch holding that check for $200,000 which he earned in just 1 day of work. What I didn't mention, however, was that he was watching National Geographic. And, the reason why that's important to the story is because in that moment Jiro wanted nothing more to be the person he was watching on TV: living in nature, climbing all these peaks, and being his true self. 

So he quit. 

Just like that.

And today he's fully living who he actually is, rather than a script of a character he was supposed to be. He re-defined what success means and started a meditation practice, travelled the world, read hundreds of books, and immersed himself deeply in Eastern philosophy. Today, Jiro's life is simple and beautiful. 


More specifically, in this episode with Jiro Taylor you'll learn: 

  • How Jiro was able to make millions in the banking industry (he made $200,000 in one day) through persuasion, hustle, and relationships, and why it created massive imbalance in this life. 
  • The #1 reason why you need to redefine what success means. 
  • Why Jiro quit his high level banking job even though he was a top performer and had just closed the biggest deal in his company's history. 
  • How we are driven by the ego and why this may mean something completely different than you think. 
  • Scientific and systematic evidence that meditation is the solution you're looking for. 
  • How to achieve peak states and moments of flow, where you feel superhuman. 
  • And, much much more!



Every once and a while something special unexpectedly pops up in your email inbox. For me, it was an email from Meghan Telpner.  And now, not only am I lucky enough to have Meghan on the Unleash Yourself podcast, but I'm also able to call her my friend. 

My favorite thing about Meghan's story is that she had no idea that she would be doing what she does today, and not only did she find a new passion in it, but she turned it into a 7-figure business. 

It all started after she graduated with a solo-backpacking trip to Africa. I'm a huge proponent of travel and I've travelled solo quite extensively myself so I'm not surprised that Meghan's life changed completely when she decided on taking this adventure of a lifetime. 

She discovered a new avenue; a new path she wanted to explore. Today, Meghan runs The Academy of Culinary Nutrition and has certified over 700 people in over 30 countries. 

More specifically in this episode with Meghan Telpner you'll learn: 

  • Why social media is like monopoly money. 
  • How Meghan started her culinary business by hosting dinner parties in her own home.
  • The early stages and the "shameless marketing" that Meghan did which involved: emailing her entire personal list of friends, family, and everyone else she's ever contacted, decorating her bicycle in flowers and flyers, and the lesson she learned along the way.
  • How Meghan transitioned from her kitchen to the online space and started blogging for a national outlet and filming her cooking classes. 
  • The value of building a community and how to create loyalty and highly demanded content by listening.
  • Why Meghan thinks that good content is the best SEO.
  • The value in offering a certification and how Meghan achieves incredible completion rates on her online course.
  • And, much much more!


3. Episode #52: My Year Of Growth: A Vulnerable And Brutally Honest Look At My Life (Featuring ME). 

**Although this episode is still fairly new, it's already surpassed most of the episodes that have been published for months and has also has received the most comments out of any podcast ever published. It's on pace to become #1.**

Over the past year, my podcast hit #1 for New and Noteworthy podcasts and was later featured on the front page of iTunes Canada for "What's Hot" next to some of the biggest podcasts in the industry like Lewis Howes' The School Of Greatness, John Lee Dumas' EoFire, Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income, Tim Ferriss' The Tim Ferriss Show, and many more.

Plus, as of this date the podcast has been listened to in 90 different countries, every Canadian province and 49/50 American states (get with the program, Montana!).

As a way of saying thank-you for your continuous support (because without your subscriptions, ratings, and reviews, my show wouldn't be anywhere close to where it is today) I want to give you a vulnerable and honest review of my year. So, I decided to open up a blog post I wrote a few weeks before the New Year and share it with you. 

This is something I wrote with the intent of publishing, but never did due to a myriad of reasons. It's titled The Year Of Growth and it breaks down my biggest goals for the year. 

I haven't looked at this document for a long time but I thought it would be an interesting way to take a look at what's happened over the last year and to see where I was then and where I am today. 

More specifically on this episode with me you'll learn:

  • How the biggest benefit I get from my podcast is not what I thought it would be when I first started out. 
  • Why I labeled this year: The Year Of Growth. I reveal a blog post I wrote right before the New Year with some goals for 2016(which I never published). Find out if I achieved them, what changed, and how I've grown. 
  • How I surrounded myself with different people and became the best version of myself. 
  • The #1 reason why I went to live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (This has nothing to do with the weather and the beaches in Thailand.)
  • What it's like to live in Chiang Mai: the people, the lifestyle, the expenses, and why I think all people starting a business should consider starting there. 
  • Why having an "easy life" was actually detrimental to my ambition, drive, and success. 
  • What I did to tame the little negative voice in my head that constantly held me back.
  • My new morning routine and how I feel superhuman by waking up at 5:30am every day. 
  • How to be disciplined when you have no rules and how to use it to create confidence, momentum and massive action.  
  • How to focus your attention inward by practicing meditation and to stop constantly worrying about what other people think. 
  • Why pushing off instant gratification allowed me to feel a higher sense of self-worth.
  • And much, much more. 


4. Episode #13: Sort Through the Clutter; Discover Clarity, Confidence and Direction (featuring Joel Boggess).

Joel Boggess is my go-to guy for clarity, confidence and direction. He’s who I call when I'm feeling stuck, under-challenged or overwhelmed. And, that's specifically why I reached out to Joel a little while ago and asked him to be a guest on the show. Not many people know this about me, but about two years ago I completely re-launched my life:

I quit my job. My relationship of 6-years came to an abrupt end. Everything that seemed to be consistent and secure in my life disappeared. And, in this interview I opened up with Joel and discussed some of the key issues that we face when we want to grow, change, and find a new direction.

More specifically, in this episode with Joel Boggess you'll learn:

  • How to find your voice and finally get clarity on who you really are.
  • The three things you need to do to cut through the clutter and discover your true path.
  • How to align yourself with the right people in order to help you move forward with confidence.
  • Why growth is essential and the step-by-step process you can follow to re-launch your life. (At any age)
  • How can we embrace change when we feel bounded by identifiers of who we are or should be because of our past.
  • And much, much more!


5. Episode #33: Skyrocket Your Sales Without Working More (featuring Kelly Roach)

As a former NFL Cheerleader, Kelly Roach is not the typical business coach you come across every day. Not only has she earned her experience by working in the trenches for a Fortune 500 company, but she climbed the corporate ladder faster than anyone I've ever met. 

She's handled hundreds of millions in assets and managed dozes of teams at once across 17 locations. While doing so, she's engineered record-breaking turnarounds for companies and broke every single sales record in her Fortune 500 company’s history.

All before turning 30 years old. 

Obviously, Kelly knows a thing or two about selling - that's why Kelly is known as the rapid results expert.

She uses her unique experiences and skill sets from both the online and offline world to teach people how to build profitable and sustainable businesses without compromising their quality of life, freedom, fun, and love.

And, I was super honoured to have the chance to chat with Kelly about what it is about her that allows her to achieve massive success in insanely short periods of time. 

More specifically in this episode with Kelly Roach you'll learn: 

  • How Kelly was able to climb the corporate ladder faster than anyone else.
  • What it felt like to be a high level executive at 30 years old and to sit in board room with people the age of her parents. 
  • Why sales are at the cornerstone of all businesses. 
  • The difference between profit producing activities and marketing, and how to create more revenue in your business by making one small shift. 
  • The 3 things that need to be happening in your business at all times if you want to be successful.
  • How to make $5,000 right now with resources that are already available to you. (Hint: if you're not doing this, you're leaving money on the table!)
  • The importance of list building and how to use social media to build your email list.
  • And, much much more.

Other notable episodes:

Episode #11 with Tyler Basu: How To Keep Reinventing Yourself Until It's Just Right.

Episode #30 with Toni Newman: Dare 2B Different"

Epsiode #5 with Myke Macapinlac: Get more dates, raise your self-esteem, and build an incredible social life...even if you're shy. 



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