022: From Jobless To CEO (featuring Keith Breseé).

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How would you feel if you only had $26.72 in your bank account?

With a wife...and 2 kids!?

And, no job.

Well, this was reality for Keith Breseé just a year ago. He was depressed and wanted to run away from it all because he had no idea how he would ever get out of it.

Obviously, he no longer had any confidence in himself and was handcuffed by fear.

He didn't know how to make money for himself and people weren't hiring him, either.

So, he turned to the only person he knew at the time who he trusted about starting a business: Tim Ferriss.

Keith had discovered Tim Ferriss through his famous book The Four Hour Work-Week, so he jumped online and started reading and listening to every piece of content he could find that Tim had published.

He stumbled upon this interview on CreativeLive between Tim Ferris and Noah Kagan. And, it forever changed his life.

I remember watching that exact interview when it aired live, and I remember how powerful it was. So I knew exactly where Keith was coming from when he said that watching this interview was his biggest breakthrough.

It allowed him to start his first online business.

After watching the interview, he sat down and began thinking of the easiest and fastest online product he could create. Since he went to university for photography and did a ton of photoshoots, he thought he could create a course teaching moms how to use their cameras so they can get better pictures of their kids.

He knew that it was a perfect idea because so many times in the past, moms would approach him asking for advice on how to use their new $2,000+ camera that they just got, but didn’t know how to use.

"Someone liked my idea so much, that they were willing to give me money for something I hadn't even created yet."

On this interview, Keith explains how followed this new approach he learned from Noah Kagan and Tim Ferriss to start his first online business and make sales before he even created his product.

And, the more progress Keith made in his new business, the more he realized that fear was the biggest thing holding him back in the past. It was the reason he was broke. And, it was the reason why he never got started in the first place.

"Your goal should not be to get a YES. Instead your goal should be to get a NO."

Since the photography business, Keith started his new website thetraffic.ninja where he breaks down and reverse engineers what the top online ninja marketers are doing.

He then turns these strategies into easy to follow step-by-step formulas that you can install right into your business.

So, if you have a blog or website, or even a social media page that you want to send more traffic to, you'll love this episode with Keith Bresee!

"All marketing is, is getting your content in front of someone else's audience."

More specifically, in this episode of the Unleash Yourself podcast, you'll learn:

  • How Keith felt having merely 26$ in his bank account, a wife, and 2 kids.
  • What happened at the age of 6-7 years old that created massive fears in Keith's life.
  • How he discovered one interview in particular that completely changed his life.
  • What it means to validate your business idea.
  • How to sell your products before you even create them.
  • What Keith did to make 700$ instantly, when he was broke and unemployable and thought he was never able to make money.
  • How to reach influencers like Neil Patel, Lewis Howes, and Guy Kawasaki and have them share your content with their massive audiences.
  • And much, much more!

Want more of Keith? Check out these links:

Keith's website where you can find everything about Keith and even take his free content promotion jumpstart class: TheTraffic.Ninja

Keith mentioned using a particular script thats proven to work when it comes to reaching influencers. Here it is:

Hey [NAME]!

Happy Monday

I was checking out your post on [TOPIC] and loved it! Here is the link: [LINK TO IT]

I had a question though... [ASK THOUGHTFUL QUESTION]?

I appreciate your time.

Either way, have a good day, [THEIR NAME]!

Be awesome! 


P.S. If you don't have the time to respond, don't sweat it. I totally understand. :)

Keith also made a quick video for us, where he talks about how to overcome the fears that constantly creep up in our mind:



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